Personal Accident Insurance

"Accidents happen and all of that, but it's how we pick ourselves up from the accidents that matters." -Aquaria
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Why do I need Personal accident insurance?

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While you cannot stop an accident from happening, you surely can create a safeguard against it by availing the benefits of a personal accident cover

Accidental death

 The total assured amount under this set up is collectible if death happens from the accident.

Accidental disability

It indicates that the insured is disabled either partly or completely.

Accidental dismemberment

It indicates that a part of the insured’s body has been cut off or dismembered. It means, if the customer loses his hand or leg or eyes in a related accident, then s/he would be eligible to go for a claim under policy terms.

Terrorism act

Injuries afflicted as a result of terrorist acts are included

Daily allowance throughout hospitalisation

It offers financial relief to a patient, whereas s/he undergoes treatment at the hospital.

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Personal Accident Insurance

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