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"Take care of the interest of the client - Your interest will follow." - Govindji Haridas
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Govindji Haridas has a very rich history. It was founded in 1944 by Mr. Govindji Haridas Ashar as a Finance Firm.

It was then carried forward by Mr. Jayant Govindji Ashar as a Finance Broking Company providing Trade Finance. Mr. Jayant Ashar has done his B.Com. with actuarial science and started steering the company to become an insurance and investment advisory company.

It is currently being managed by Mr. Mihir Jayant Ashar and his team. Mr. Mihir Ashar is an M.B.A. in Finance and a Certified Financial Planner. We at Govindji Haridas believe it is never too late to start your financial accumulation journey. Our clients range from young professionals to retired people and we pride ourselves in tailoring investments to suit the needs of each.

Why Choose Us?

We as a variegated financial service company remains fully dedicated towards evolving and keeping clients abreast about all those financial professional tools, which in return provides them superior and everlasting support to potentially end up recurrent as well as upcoming financial worries.

On the basis of years of experience in the same field, we are committed towards providing comprehensive and complete planning services in order to eliminate all finance related worries from your lives.

How We are Different from others?

Now you must be thinking about what it that makes our services unforgettable and enriched all the times is! Paying individual attention towards the already existing condition and later the immediate study to step you out from unpleasant financial condition, differentiates us from our competitors.


Locate realistic financial and personal goals


Guarantees rolling your money till the period of retirement


Develop realistic plans by addressing financial weaknesses


Assess your current financial health through best examining your assets, liabilities, income, insurance, taxes, investments and estate plan


Put your plans into actions through monitoring its progress regularly

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